The quality of leadership determines organizational performance. At LimeLeap we work with our clients to intentionally create the proper mix of leadership culture and talent that nurtures innovation, collaboration and accelerated breakthrough results.

We take a comprehensive holistic approach to leadership by combining consultative, developmental and coaching approaches to walk with you through this dynamic and constantly evolving journey. Working with you, we identify and map solutions that build on your uniqueness and produce the most positive impact on your culture, systems and people.

Our leadership model targets current and future leaders at all levels. It is based on three main cornerstones, set to produce sustained leadership.

Vision & Direction
Gaining a comprehensive understanding to your vision, objectives and culture.
This allows us to design targeted solutions that create impact. We accompany you to address the following:
  • What do you want the company to achieve?
  • How is this strategy supported by your corporate culture?
  • Is your current leadership culture in sync with the direction of your business strategies?
  • Can teams clearly articulate what they are striving to achieve?
  • Are you making full use of existing drivers and eliminating barriers to growth?
We help you build solid bridges between organizational direction and organizational performance. We walk you through the following:
  • How is your business strategy and vision integrated within HR frameworks and operational requirements?
  • How do your current talent systems support the desired culture of leadership?
  • What is the leadership level required? Where are your leaders needed? What skills should they possess?
  • How do you ensure a flow of leaders throughout your corporate pipeline?
  • Do systems and processes provide fluidity needed to keep pace with accelerating change?
Change & Impact
We work with leaders and high potentials to support them achieve personal and organizational growth. Core points addressed:
  • How are your leaders consistently facing up to arising diverse changes?
  • Are teams collectively working and communicating effectively?
  • How do your leaders demonstrate the thinking, behavior and values to effectively lead?
  • How do your leaders capitalize on the in-place strategy and current systems?
  • Are your leaders striving for positive change or for excellence in stability?

Leadership effectiveness does not happen overnight, it requires rather a challenging process that forges the culture and leaders' mindset. This is why we only work with leaders and companies who are committed to their own success and ready to make that change.

If you fit that profile,

to see how we can help you map your own journey to full leadership.