We are a team of highly experienced, multicultural consultants and coaches committed to growing leadership, teams and HR impact within organizations. We know that organizational success calls for transformation in thinking, behavior and skills needed to drive unidirectional results. It is for this reason we use a holistic approach in all our services as it helps our clients achieve what matters to them.

We work in diverse industries, with organizations of all sizes, to support them on their successful journey towards positive corporate growth. There is one overriding and unifying element in our diverse roster of MENA clients - an inbred determination to succeed coupled with the ability to change, develop and grow.

The LimeLeap Edge

Our edge revolves around the expertise, experiences and intangible behaviors that make a significant difference to the full organizational journey. Our commitment and promise to you includes:

  • Robust Experience: We share with you all applicable knowledge that our experience in organizational development and behavior across different industries within the MENA region has taught us.
  • Holistic Solutions: Utilizing a holistic approach in all our solutions, we align organizational direction, structures and teams to bring you tangible results.
  • Continuous Learning: Since change is constant, at LimeLeap we are constantly evolving to stay abreast of the latest interventions to best serve diverse client needs.
  • Tangible Results: We ensure you capitalize on our extensive experience during the implementation process to address the unique complexities of your workplace.
  • Practical Approach: We promise you a simple and dynamic approach that removes redundancies and focuses on what matters most to you.
  • Challenging Beliefs: We constantly challenge your teams to shift their focus beyond goal achievements and to grow individual and collective mind-sets to gain and sustain desired results.
  • Stretching Boundaries: Our multicultural, multilingual consultants and coaches are committed to your organizational growth and are ready to help your organization take the next leap forward ...
    and the ones after that
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