As individuals and teams, we are always evolving and expanding our skills and approaches to meet bigger and greater challenges. LimeLeap's teams support you in continuously expanding your potential to identify and manage complexities that go beyond the work itself. This enables you to expand into a whole new level of personal leadership effectiveness.

Our coaching sheds the spotlight on YOU: amplifying your personal development, strategic insights and leadership impact. The process is an intense one that requires willingness from clients to break out of their comfort zones and push for personal break-through.

Our coaches guide you through the process of:

While the coaching agenda is customized to specific objectives and developmental needs of each individual/team, our programs are typically initiated within these various ranges.

  • Coaching as part of change management initiative
  • Leadership development coaching
  • Guiding exceptional performance
  • Team excellence

Our ICF certified coaches are passionate about supporting you on your developmental journey; to provide you with the open objective feedback that propels your development, to challenge you and hold you accountable to your own choices.

Make use of our coaches' extensive experience in leadership coaching;

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